What we can do for You


UX/UI Design

We design experiences. Our team knows that good digital products have to be designed for the users. UX is a key to great software.


Web applications

Using combination of our skills and modern technologies we create top notch cross-pllatform applications from just an idea to a real product.


Mobile apps

Mobile apps are a great way for reaching a user on the go. Either it's a standalone app or a mobile version of a web app.

About us

Hungry Cherry was originaly a team of backend developers from Warsaw, Poland. Together with a frontend team called FrontLabs we were creating software for our clients for many years.

Now we have merged our forces under one brand and we are more capable than ever!

We love frontend

We love beautiful and useful products and we know that using a perfectly designed product can be an awesome experinece. Doesn't matter if we talk about a smartphone, a chair or an application. Creating great frontend can change the way how people use software and what they feel while using it. We love great designs, we love great frontend, we love to make our users happy :)

What our clients say?

We work hard to make every client satisfy because we know that happy client will be back and recommend our services to others. If you want to read what our clients have to say about us please visit our profile on Clutch.

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